Scenes ‘n Nature Video Collection

Product Videos

Discover why Scenes ‘n Natures taxidermy products can help you easily achieve the realistic look and detail you desire in your mount or habitat.

Introduction to Nature’s Fiber

Introduction to Nature’s Terrain

The Static King for Antler Velvet and Taxidermy Habitats

Easy Fiber Clean-up with the Fiber-Vac

Introduction to Nature’s Floor

How-to-Do Videos

Gain knowledge on how to use our taxidermy supplies, and find out great tips and techniques from Scenes-n-Nature product developers and fellow taxidermists.

How to Replicate Deer Antler Velvet

How to Recreate Moss for Your Habitat

How to Blend Static Fibers for Habitats

Using the Rock Color System

Create a Custom Habitat with Plaster Cloth

Constructing Custom Habitats with Contour Sheet™

Build Artificial Barnwood

Build a Tree Limb

Custom Turkey Mount Base

Jared Feldman’s Deer Mount

Make a Realistic Rock Face

How to Build a Bird Habitat

How to Build a Whitetail Deer Panel: Part 1

How to Build a Whitetail Deer Panel: Part 2

Applying Artificial Deer Antler Velvet with Additional Tips