Vallejo Paint Products

Established in 1965 in New Jersey, USA, the Vallejo Company initially focused on crafting Film Color, water-based acrylics designed for animated films. In 1969, it relocated to Spain, aligning with the flourishing cartoon studio scene in Europe. Film Color’s distinct formula gained recognition, adopted by prominent studios across the continent.

In 1972, Amadeo Vallejo pioneered Acrylic Artist Color, Spain’s inaugural fine arts acrylic and one of Europe’s earliest artist acrylic lines. Concurrently, Vallejo introduced Liquid Watercolor for graphic design. In 1981, responding to recommendations from Barcelona’s Fine Arts University professors, Vallejo launched Acrylic Studio. This collection showcased premium acrylic hues in innovative, larger packaging (200ml and 500ml), a pioneering global move, at an affordable, standardized rate.

Exemplifying meticulous pigment selection while omitting costly options like cadmiums and cobalts, this lineup became an industry yardstick, heralding a transformative phase of growth for Acrylicos Vallejo.