Vallejo Barbarian Flesh (17ml)

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Game Air is a water-based series of matte acrylic colors that have been developed especially for airbrushing.

The strength, resistance and coverage of Game Air is superior to any other acrylic airbrush color currently available, and this color also allows for brush application to “highlight” the smallest details in miniature.

The pigments are selected according to their degree of lightfastness and optimal micronization

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Description & Application

The new Game Acrylic Colors formulation greatly improves the colors application. The paint spreads very smoothly, is more fluid, opaque and contains a high pigment saturation, chosen for their brightness, maximum stability and resistance to light. Colors are easy to apply and blend, offer a matt finish and excellent self-leveling properties that prevent brush strokes from showing on the painted surface. Formulated with state-of-the-art resins, paints provide a high resistance to handling and rubbing.

Game Color Ink: Game Color Ink are transparent colors with a high pigment concentration and can be used for enhancing, shading, unifying and modifying tones, as well as for shadow effects and washes. The satin finish shows intense shading effects on metallic surfaces.

How to use: Apply with a brush. It can also be used with an airbrush if properly diluted with Airbrush Thinner.


Game Air Paint Catalogue.pdf (800kb)

Game Colour Combinations.pdf (4.4mb)