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The NEW technology for Taxidermists, Museums, Retail Stores, Trophy Collectors and Hunters

Global warming can be a threat to taxidermy mounts.

The NEW TECHNOLOGY for an OLD problem that just gets bigger and more complicated.

In the “old days” Arsenic and Edolan U were very effective but highly toxic methods of insect prevention in the taxidermy industry. These materials have been used for decades, but due to changes in regulations, they are not legal to use in taxidermy anymore. But the need for prevention is still there, and perhaps even stronger as we see a fast-growing insect problem due to global warming? Like other living entities, insects are also influenced by rising temperatures, elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and fluctuating precipitating patterns as range expansion, increased insect outbreaks and new species introduction in regions where previously these were not reported.

Normal insecticides and bug repellents are usually harmful to people, have a displeasing odour and can leave stains on the hair. They are not recommended for taxidermy mounts.

The Mount Medix product line is the new proven technology for taxidermists, museums, trophy collectors and hunters.

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Mount Medix – Intro Video
Mount Medix – cleaning and insect-proofing of bird taxidermy mount (Western Capercaillie)
Tutorial in cleaning, insect-proofing, protection against fading from UV-beams and maintenance of a mammal taxidermy mount / trophy mount
Tutorial about extermination of insects in taxidermy mounts