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The Mount Medix Eye Polish and Cleaner is a specially developed for the taxidermy industry for the specific purpose of making the glass and polycarbonate eyes looking natural and real.  Its main purpose is to clean the eyes without streaking.

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CAUTION POISION: Contains Methyl Alcohol and Ethylene Glycol, Consult Physician if swallowed.

Mount Medix Eye Cleaner and Polish is a high performance product specifically made for cleaning eyes in taxidermy .. To use, dampen a cotton swab to clean eye and then polish using a dry cotton swab .. It is compatible will all types of commercially available glass and polycarbonate eyes used in the taxidermy industry.

Note: The product is a high performance cleaner and may remove paint that has been applied around eyes on the mount. Care should be taken when cleaning and polishing eyes on new or older mounts.

Product usage: A 57 ml bottle will treat roughly 100 pairs of eyes, so very small amounts are used to achieve excellent results.

For more information, check website www.mountmedix.eu

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