Taxidermy Stuff

For over thirty years we have dedicated ourselves with passion and dedication to polyurethane resin moulding, specialising in the field of giftware and fashion. Our long and consolidated experience in this sector has allowed us to hone our skills and develop a profound knowledge of the materials and techniques required to produce high quality products.

Recently, we decided to expand our scope of activity by entering the fascinating and artisanal world of taxidermy. With a caring and respectful approach towards nature and animals, we undertook this new challenge with the aim of offering support and innovative solutions to taxidermy professionals.

Our collaboration with taxidermists from different parts of the world has enabled us to fully understand the needs and challenges of this sector. We firmly believe that our wealth of knowledge and skills acquired over the years can be a valuable contribution to enriching and improving the work of taxidermy professionals.

We constantly strive to study and perfect every detail of our resin accessories, with the aim of guaranteeing an end result that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly realistic and efficient. Each creation is the result of careful study and in-depth research, with the aim of offering a product that meets the highest demands of taxidermists and their customers.

Our mission is to offer high quality solutions that reflect the beauty and naturalness of the animal world, thus contributing to enhancing and preserving the craftsmanship of taxidermists and meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele. We are proud to be able to share our passion and expertise with the taxidermist community, and are excited to work together to create unique and excellent products.

Taxidermy Stuff Products