Ken Walker & Gina Yoon Mannequins

We are busy with the sculpting, and will soon have the first mannequins ready for sale.
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I’m very excited to announce that I’m working on a new line of original sculptures of taxidermy manikins to be distributed by Like Nature supply. My good friend Gina Yoon will team up with me and we will be offering animals from Europe, Africa, and around the globe that I feel will best suit the needs of the discriminating professional Taxidermist.

It is our goal to provide a product that not only improves the quality offered to your clients, but to also minimize working time by having to do less sizing and corrections. With over 40 years experience as a commercial taxidermist, I pledge to deliver a product that will make it easy to bring your work to the next level of excellence.

Lrg. Common or Grey Duiker

Nose to tail = 99cm
Circumference = 68.5cm
Nose to eye = 11.9cm
Head length = 22cm