ARIES® Moth Box

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Product Size:  1 box

The Mottlock® moth box consists of a textile protective box and an adhesive board with an integrated attractant (pheromone). The Mottlock® moth box is equipped with a separate hanger and can therefore be conveniently hung on the clothes rail if desired.

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1 box


The attractant spreads in the area and attracts male moths, which are then attached to the adhesive surface. The goal is for the females to have fewer males to mate with. This reduces the population moths.

The pheromone (attractant) escapes, is distributed in the environment and attracts male moths willing to mate, which then stick to the adhesive surface. The number of moths caught gives you information about the severity of the infestation. For measures in the event of moth infestation and detailed information, see the package insert.

Duration of action: 12 weeks after opening the protective packaging

The number of moth captured provides information of the size of the attack.

  • Self-adhesive trap against moths
  • Monitoring of attack
  • Guaranteed effect due to pheromone attractant – attracts males
  • Monitoring of closets , trophy rooms, living room, natural textiles, fur, skins,
  • It is recommended to replace the adhesive board every 12 weeks
  • Approved as ecological equipment in accordance with Article 16, Paragraph 5 of REGULATION (EC) No. 834/2007 in conjunction with IFOAM Basic Guidelines Clause 4.5, Appendix 2. For more information, check the product label.


  • Each box contains 1 adhesive base with integrated attractant.
  • Measurement piece: 106 x 24 x 193 mm
  • Packaging unit: 6 pcs in cardboard display