ARIES®Moth Box – Refill

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Product Size: 1 pack containing 2 adhesive boards

The pheromone (attractant) escapes, is distributed in the environment and attracts male moths willing to mate, which then stick to the adhesive surface. The number of moths caught gives you information about the severity of the infestation. For measures in the event of moth infestation and detailed information, see the package insert.

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1 pack


ARIES® Anti Moth Textile Protection Spray

Anti Mott Textile Spray with lavender oil keeps moth’s away. This also applies to other insects, such as textile-destroying beetles. Treatment is repeated after 6 months of treatment.

Approved as ecological equipment in accordance with Article 16, Paragraph 5 of REGULATION (EC) No. 834/2007 in conjunction with IFOAM Basic Guidelines Clause 4.5, Appendix 2.

For more information, check the product label.


  • 2 boards with glue in bag
  • Measurement piece: 106 x 24 x 193 mm
  • Packaging unit: 10 pcs in cardboard display