Colour Fix

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MakeMake Colour Fix can be used together with MakeMake Colour Pigments to make a fantastic concrete paint. If you want to preserve the gray concrete color, you can seal it with Colour Fix without color pigments in. Colour Fix is ​​milky white in liquid form, but dries up clear as glass. You can apply several coats of Colour Fix if you want a shiny effect.

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Colour Fix penetrates the microscopic pores in the surface of the concrete, and seals it, as well as making it water-repellent and easy to clean, so that it can withstand all weather conditions. This also means that the paint cannot peel off.

Colour Fix is ​​an effective binder that enables you to mix a paint yourself with good abrasion resistance and long durability. Colour Fix can be used on most absorbent surfaces, such as concrete, plaster, some types of stone and even on textiles. MakeMake’s products are created for creative tasks such as the production of artificial rocks, sculptures, aquarium backgrounds, birdbaths, etc.

It is recommended to use rubber gloves, as Colour Fix can be difficult to wash off the skin if it has time to dry up. Wear suitable clothing.

Colour Fix is water-based, non-toxic and odorless.

1 liter Colour Fix is enough for approx. 8 m2, depending on the structure of the surface.


Color Fix must be stored and used at min. 5 degrees and max. 60 degrees.

Before applying Colour Fix, the concrete surface must be clean and free of oil and grease. Once the concrete has been given Colour Fix, it does not need to be finished with anything else, and can withstand all weather conditions. If you are painting several coats of Colour Fix on your item, it is important that the Colour Fix is completely dry before applying the next coat. If the Colour Fix has not been completely dry, you run the risk of it turning milky white the next time it is exposed to moisture (rain, dew, etc.). For each layer you apply, you can calculate an extra day of drying time inside.

Colour Fix is also good for aquarium backgrounds, as it prevents the water from directly contacting the concrete. This reduces the pH rise in the water.