Contour Starter Kit

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Learn how to use this revolutionary, innovative system that allows taxidermists to create a customized habitat to match any animal’s natural environment unlike others on the market with this free Contour Sheet Starter Kit. All you have to do is add the kit to your basket and pay for the shipping cost.

With Contour Sheet you can create custom habitat features, such as large, lightweight rocks, for a personalized mount. The pliable material can be shaped and reshaped, allowing you to create any level of detail in minutes. It holds its shape until it mechanically bonds with Contour Sheet Plaster to create a thin, hard shell. Easily form a hollow shell around your understructure, or use Contour Sheet to make multiple rocks. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

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Weight 1.1 kg

Kit Contents

1 x NT6154-NT6159, Contour Sheet – 457 x 609mm

1 x NT6165, NT6168, Contour Sheet Plaster – 510g

1 x NT6181, Black Pigment – 3.99ml

1 x NT6183, Burnt Umber Pigment – 3.99ml

1 x NT6184, Yellow Ocher Pigment – 3.99ml

2 x Foam Brushes

1 x Stir Stick


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