Fallow Deer Skull Clamp

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With this clamp, you can quickly and easily screw the skull onto the trophy board.

It is important that a (part of the) ‘bone bridge’ remains between the eye sockets; the clamp must hook behind it. In very short-sawn skulls, this bone bridge is gone and these clamps cannot press the skull onto the board. When the upper jaw is not sawn off the skull, skull clamps cannot be used either, in both cases gluing or securing with screws is the option.

Some models of boards have a pre-drilled hole for the screw/bolt, but experience shows that it is not always in the desired place. Drill a hole through the board about 2 cm behind the bone bridge so that you can still slide the skull with clamp slightly, you can then centre the skull nicely.

Tip: With the skull clamp for fallow deer: with smaller antlers / younger animals, this clamp is on the long side, you can use a hacksaw to shorten the clamp to a cm. When you fit the clamp, it should fall entirely inside the skull.

Note: When the skull dries after mounting, or when the trophy is hung in a room with a different temperature, both the wood of the board and the metal of the clamp may still work slightly. In such cases, check that the bolt is still tight. Also do this after transporting the trophy!

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