Fiber for Concrete

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By adding fibers to the concrete, you make your own fiber concrete. The fiber acts as reinforcement in the concrete and increases the tensile strength.

When we do projects in MakeMake decorative concrete, we always add fibre in the first layer, which in addition to strengthening the concrete, also helps us to avoid shrinkage cracks. These fibers are soft and are therefore ideal for adding to modellable concrete, but they can also easily be used in other concrete.

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For 18 kg of concrete, 15 grams of fiber must be used.

Polypropylene fiber is always used in the first layer when we make projects in MakeMake decorative concrete to further reinforce the concrete. It is often not used in other layers, as this will limit the impressions you can make in the concrete. For example, you will not be able to carve in the concrete and get fine, clean lines, as the fiber will pull extra concrete off, and therefore create chopped lines instead. This is precisely the reason why the concrete does not come ready-made with fibers.

In some cases, however, we use fiber in the second layer. This is for example when there is a need to lay extra thin layers. If it is necessary to have fiber in the second layer, you can subsequently take a gas burner or similar. and burn away the protruding fibers.

The fiber is made of polypropylene.