L9 – Tanning Liquids for small mammals

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Tanning Liquids for small mammals – L9 is used for tanning small mammal skins, up to the size of a fox. This product does not do harm to health when used externally.


  1. After skinning, soak the skin 2 to 4 hours in water, allowing the blood to thoroughly drain.
  2. Wash the skin with L5.
  3. Centrifuge the skin.
  4. Apply L9 with a brush on the skin.
  5. Fold the skin and let the tanning liquid absorb for 2 to 6 hours. Centrifuge again.
  6. Split the skin.
  7. Repeat the skin if neccesary.
  8. Clean with beech sawdust until the hairs are properly dry.
  9. The parts that can not be treated with a brush such as tails and paws need to be injected with a syringe filled with L9.

Volume: 1 liter.

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