Liquid Latex

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With liquid latex, you can make latex molds yourself for casting concrete and plaster.

Liquid latex is ideal for hobby casting, as it is a relatively cheap and easy way to make your own latex mold in exactly the shape you want. Be aware that neither the liquid latex nor the finished latex mold must be exposed to sunlight. If the latex is exposed to sunlight, it will start to stick.

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The liquid latex only contains 0.2% ammonia, compared to 6% in ordinary latex. The odor nuisance is therefore minimal. Ammonia is not dangerous, but can be irritating to the respiratory tract, and therefore strong ventilation is still recommended during work.

Liquid latex can be painted on with a brush or dipped in the latex. After applying a layer of latex, the latex must dry completely before applying the next layer. The latex is completely dry when it is yellowish / changes color. Apply / dip preferably up to 20-30 times. For several layers, the best effect is achieved by applying latex in thin layers and letting it dry.

You can increase the strength of your latex mold by either putting the mold in the dryer or oven at 70 degrees for approx. 2 hours. A dry towel must be brought in the dryer, and a bowl of water must be placed in the oven. This provides the most optimal conditions in terms of durability and flexibility.

MakeMake Latex Thickener can be added to make the latex fatter, but the drying time is extended a bit per. layer. 1-5% thickener can be added, depending on how thick you want the Latex. For 1 l latex, add max. 50 ml thickens.

If you want to dye your latex, MakeMake colour pigments can be mixed in.

Shelf life

6 months from date of purchase if stored correctly.

Be aware that latex molds are not suitable for use with all types of cast concrete, as some cast concrete in the drying process becomes very hot, which contributes to the latex mold starting to stick.


Liquid latex and latex molds cannot withstand sunlight and must therefore be stored in the dark. This also means that the work with latex cannot take place in direct sunlight. In addition, latex does not tolerate oil. Liquid Latex is recommended to be stored between 10 degrees Celsius -30 degrees Celsius.

NOTE: As the latex air dryer, it is not possible to make castings by pouring latex around the item you want to cast. If you want to make castings this way, use Liquid Mold Silicone instead.