Lubri-Stretch 1000 19L Pail

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Highly concentrated, sulfated synthetically blended oil, that yields SUPERIOR stretch! When wet tanning, it can be cut 4-1 with warm water. This oil is highly stable and can also be added to the pickle bath if so desired. Its charge is anionic. Low odour.

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Weight 20 kg


After pickling and tanning of the skin, drain the skin for 2-4 hrs depending on the hairs and how much water it can hold. Try wrapping in a towel and squeeze out as much moisture as possible.

OILING: There are 2 different methods for oiling skins, due to the different oil to water ratios of dilution with warm water.

  • Lubri-Stretch 1000 = 4-1 for wet tanning, and 3-1 for dry tanning
  • Lubri-Stretch 2000 = 3-1 for wet tanning, and 2-1 for dry tanning
  • ALWAYS add 90deg water TO THE OIL. Not, oil to the water!
  • Example of dilutions: 4-1 if using pints, would mean adding 4 pints of 90deg water to 1 pint of oil. Stir well, and then apply.
  • 2-1, if using quarts as your measurement, would mean adding 2 quarts of 90deg water, to 1 quart of oil. You will have to estimate how much oil you will need, depending on what you have to oil. You can store unused diluted oil, for up to a week or so in the fridge. Re-warm on a LOW setting in the microwave, stirring every couple of minutes.