Molotow – Lobster (30ml)

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With its 50 color shades the ONE4ALL acrylic marker system offers the most extensive acrylic color spectrum of the market. The paint is especially outstanding through its high opacity on nearly all surfaces. No matter whether the color is being applied with a marker, brush or stamp. The colors are UV resistant. The 30 ml refill-bottle is perfect for those who want to start on a shoestring. This refill is not only suitable for refilling ONE4ALL markers, meanwhile it is also very popular as an own painting tool.

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ONE4ALL acrylic paints are very suitable for decorative design on almost all surfaces. The surface should be cleaned and degreased before painting. It is also advisable to test the acrylic paints on an inconspicuous spot on the surface to be painted.

By nature, absorbent, uneven surfaces are less suitable for painting than smooth and even surfaces.


  • acrylic-based
  • highly opaque
  • permanent*
  • good UV resistance
  • for nearly all surfaces (check surface first)
  • 50 colors

* for decorative purposes