Natural Colour Pigments

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MakeMake colours are pigment in powder form that must be mixed with MakeMake Colour Fix.

When you mix the pigment with Colour Fix, you get an extremely durable paint for both above and below water. All colors can be mixed with each other so you can work creatively with the colors.

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Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Green, Grey, Light Grey, Red, White, Yellow


100ml, 400ml

Full Description

The idea is that you only need to make the different colours, in the quantities you need.

With MakeMake Colour Fix and MakeMake’s color system, you are not bound to have many liters of finished paint in different colours in stock. You have the freedom to mix just the color in the amount you need. It gives a lot of freedom when working on your creative project.

MakeMake’s colour pigments can also be added directly to the concrete if you want to color it. However, there can be max. add 500 g of color pigments per 20 kg of concrete without affecting the strength of the concrete.

Use it for e.g. aquarium wallpapers, sculptures and much more.

You can also use MakeMake colours and Colour Fix on fabric and stone. It has a great shelf life when dry, and easily handles a boil wash without fading.

The colours are divided into two series, the PRO series and the natural colour pigments. The PRO series contains metal colours, as well as the purest basic colours. The natural colour pigments contain “more natural” colours. All colours can be mixed.

Mixing Ratio

Max 100 ml color pigment to 250 ml Colour Fix. At this mixing ratio, the Colour Fix is fully saturated with colour and further addition of colour pigment will not have a beneficial effect.