TPS 200 Med-Large Peg & Receiver Set

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Green peg, 60 mm length + Black receiver, 215 mm length
Recommended for extra-large detachable life size mounts like Fallow deer, Red deer,
Muskox, Moose

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TPS 200 is exclusively used for placing into habitat and bases for detachable mounts, it’s large thick sized flange
allows it to be securely attached to bases, you can attach extra large life sized mammals like muskox, moose,
buffalo etc. Use TPS 60 Green peg for leg rods drilling out the center hole to accommodate your rod size. Use
nuts or adhesive to attach to rod. The length of this part can be cut back as far as you like to fit inside your base
leaving at least 60 mm to accept green peg. Break flange off green peg with pliers. You have a 100 % connection
with zero movement = CONNECTION PERFECTION

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