TPS 50 Small Peg & Receiver Set

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Red peg and receiver, 55mm length.
Recommended for small game heads and up to Fox size for detachable life size mount

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TPS WB 50. WB stands for wall bracket, BUT is not only used for wall hangings it is also used as a leg
attachment in combination with TPS 50 Receiver for detachable mounts from base and habitat. The
center hole is 6 mm, when using it for a wall hanger a screw must always be used in the center hole and
screwed to a stud in the wall, the holes on side are for adjustment using pan head screws. This peg has a
2 degree upward angle and when using for a wall bracket the indicator arrow faces up.When using for a
leg attachment, break of the flange with pliers and you can drill out the center hole to accommodate
your rod size and secure with nuts or adhesive. You have a 100 % connection with

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