TPS PM 13 Small pedestal

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Orange. Recommended for small to medium size mounts like Springbuck, Sika,
Impala, Wildebeest, Fallow

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The PM stands for pedestal mount and can be used for small game heads and even for birds. This
pedestal mount bracket has changed the way taxidermists do their jobs eliminating the use of steel tube
and loose fitting connections. The hexagonal tapered shaft gives a perfect fit every time. Can be
shortened by joining them together first then cutting to length. Place a 6mm threaded rod inside with a
nut at both ends tighten slightly. This rod adds strength to the part and should always be used for a
good secure attachment to your base. These pedestal support sets are possibly one of the most easy to
use pedestal mount brackets on the market and allows for cutting and modifications to suit your
requirements. Using a spade bit with an extension , drill into your manikin and then push bondo up into
the drilled hole then slide receiver part B in and let dry. You now have a very strong removable mount
that has 6 points of positioning. If you have not positioned your part B receiver in the manikin at the
right angle, all you have to do is use a heat gun and with threaded rod installed, heat the base of the
part A until it softens then place your manikin on the part A and bend bracket to the correct position
and hold it till it cools of and hardens, using a small level above the eye socket will help. This bracket can
be mounted vertically and horizontally. You have a 100 % connection with zero movement =

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